Sota launches new corporate identity

August 2020

Sota has unveiled a new corporate identity. With the world around us changing rapidly, and the continuous evolution of our successful business, now is the time to redefine our image, and to better express who we are, and what we do.

Working tirelessly for over 12 months, we have reinvented our brand. We love our new Sota logo, and the unique ‘totem’ which accompanies it. We believe it expresses modernity and professionalism. It is both subtle and impactful. There are also bold, new logos for our IT managed services.

Our new corporate website has been built entirely from scratch. The new logos, together with unique brand graphics, have been professionally woven into the design, with consistent application of our new corporate colour palette of subtle reds, whites and blues.

Our website goes beyond attractive graphics and visual appeal. It provides a clear message, and redefines our business. It is an expression of our values and our vision. Its structural clarity, as well precise, consistent messaging, reflects our absolute confidence in who we are, and what we can do for you.

We have thoroughly enjoyed this transformational journey. We hope that it enhances our connection with you, as we take our new identity into the future.



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