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Personal data, which is any information about people stored within your organisation, is protected by legal statute and special regulations. Each individual to which the data relates is afforded special rights in respect of this data, whether it is digital or otherwise. These are the fundamental principles of the General Data Protection Regulations, or GDPR. The implications of not abiding by these rules, either deliberately or inadvertently, continue to challenge both the private and public sector communities. If you fail to abide by the rules, the financial penalties are substantial.

Identify whether you are, or not, a custodian of personal data in the eyes of the law, with the assistance of our data protection services. Implement a technical data protection program with the guidance and recommendations of our infrastructure engineers and consultants. Combine this with our managed cyber security services to ensure that data security best practices are in place. By deploying a SotaProtect managed service you are protecting your business from potentially costly and malicious cyber crime. By protecting personal information stored on your systems from being damaged, deleted or stolen, you are also avoiding the risk of receiving substantial fines under the GDPR.

Achieve the highest levels of data protection by engaging with our professional services for advanced cyber security, compliance, and ISO-27001 information security accreditation. Engage with us, and build your data safeguarding credentials with confidence.

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