Don’t let disaster affect your business

If in the event of a disaster, or any major interruption to your business, what is your plan, and, if your workplace is no longer accessible, where will your employees work?

Every business should be thinking about business continuity and workplace recovery before a disaster happens. When it comes to staying operational in the event of a disaster, many companies realise too late that they have no plan. From fires and floods, to system failures and connectivity issues, the risk of not planning ahead can be severe. Whilst it is impossible to prepare fully, understanding the recovery methods, and services available to help your business during these times can pay dividends.

Disaster recovery planning, including workplace recovery, is critical for your business. It ensures that you can maintain your operations during a business continuity event with as little downtime as possible. Having access to a workplace recovery facility means that your workforce can work together as a team during the most challenging time, with full access to your systems and data.

Sota provides business continuity services which utilise its unique 100 seat workplace recovery facility based in Sittingbourne, Kent. The facility is on permanent standby, which means that it is available 24/7 for customers in the unenviable position of invoking their business continuity plan in anger.



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