5 Advantages of Cyber Essentials Plus Certification

5 Advantages of Cyber Essentials Plus Certification

Cyber Essentials Plus encompasses the five technical controls of Cyber Essentials and adds an extra layer of security—a comprehensive assessment conducted by an IASME-governed certification body.

With Cyber Essentials Plus, a skilled assessor conducts an in-depth technical audit to evaluate the implementation of the five technical controls within a particular organisation and suggests the most effective ways to apply them. These assessors can also provide tailored advice on security solutions, allowing organisations to enhance their cybersecurity beyond the basic Cyber Essentials standards can offer.

Regular Assessment and Review of Internal Security Controls

No matter how robust your organisation’s internal security controls may seem, it’s crucial to regularly audit, assess, and review them. Many security vulnerabilities can go unnoticed for extended periods simply because controls aren’t checked frequently enough. Undergoing an audit of the five key technical security controls through Cyber Essentials offers a perfect opportunity to evaluate your organisation’s cybersecurity strategy with the direct assistance of an expert assessor. Annual renewals ensure you stay current with best practices.

 Protection Against Common Security Vulnerabilities

Cyber Essentials certification equips your organisation with defences against common threats by implementing the established five technical controls. These controls provide assurance that your organisation remains prepared for and shielded against continuously evolving cybersecurity threats. Even a general review of the requirements can help identify potential weaknesses and areas needing attention.

 Confirmation of Security Posture to Clients

Cyber security concerns not only affect organisations but also their customer base and the public at large. Security breaches can lead to unauthorised access to customer data, eroding trust and loyalty. When your organisation holds Cyber Essentials certification, it signals to clients that you take cyber security seriously and have adequate measures in place to safeguard their data. This reassures customers that their information is secure, increasing the likelihood of retaining their loyalty.

Inclusion in the NCSC Database of Cyber Essentials Candidates

Once certified, your organisation is listed in the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) database of certified entities, accessible to the public. This listing demonstrates your commitment to cybersecurity, serving as valuable publicity. Public recognition of your strong security measures enhances your reputation and attracts potential clients and customers seeking secure services.

Third-Party Assessment by an IASME Consortium Approved Certification Body

While standard Cyber Essentials certification involves a self-assessment of your organisation’s implementation of the five key technical security controls, Cyber Essentials Plus certification includes audits conducted by an external party accredited by the IASME Consortium. This external assessment typically offers a more accurate evaluation, providing tailored advice for your organisation’s specific needs, particularly beneficial for larger or technically complex organisations.

And remember, Sota is a Cyber Essentials Plus certification body that can help every step of the way, get in touch here.

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