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Pioneering innovation in IT managed services since 1989

Sota was founded in 1989 in the early days of the PC revolution. By the end of the 1990s we were a leading provider of business accounting software solutions. We introduced hardware and network services, and became pioneers of the IT managed services industry.

At the turn of the new millennium, Sota became one of the first independent Internet service providers. We were quick to identify that voice and data technologies were converging, and expanded into telecoms.

We built our first commercial-grade datacentre in 2004, and connected the Kent Science Park campus to our new core network. A second datacentre was constructed in 2005, followed by a larger, higher-specification datacentre, and a workplace recovery facility, three years later.

Our core network increased in capacity, and was engineered to provide physical diversity, and in 2009 Sota became an independent network operator, with its own regional fibre-optic network.


Sota is one of the UK’s leading independent providers of professional IT managed services. We have embraced the challenge of the new era of digital transformation, investing in people, knowledge, and specialist technical facilities to establish independent cloud platforms, hosted in our own datacentres.

Our platforms form the building blocks of the modern workplace, powering a new generation of managed services for IT support, cloud computing, cyber resilience, connectivity, and unified communications.


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We enjoy long-term relationships with many of our customers. All have benefited from a successful partnership with Sota, and transformed their business. Some have even grown from start-up to industry-leader with us. Our customers value our expert knowledge, reliability, personal approach, and enthusiasm for professional IT managed services.

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How do you gain the edge?

How do you gain the edge?

Make us your IT partner

Choose Sota for IT managed services, and dynamic, cyber-resilient, cloud solutions

Benefit from success

Reach your goals and exceed expectations with our professional services

Transform your business

Transition to the modern workplace and gain the edge with digital transformation

Our People

We are customer-focused with a commitment to the core values of trust, accountability and care. Our people are encouraged to be positive, supportive and creative and we always place customer needs first.

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Our Values

The values of Sota are defined by our vision to set the highest standard in professional IT managed services. Because we are determined to meet and exceed your expectations, we are passionate about our core values of expertise, customer focus, responsibility, trust, and technical excellence.

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Our Facilities

We invest in our own technical facilities including data centres, core network, and workplace recovery facilities, as well as  our own unique cloud technology platforms.

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Our Partners

Business partnerships and IT industry accreditations

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