Driving your business into the future with Teams and Skype

In a world of hybrid working and B2B partnerships, business communications have never been more important. As well as needing to collaborate with others online, data protection requirements mean that these communications have to be transparent, and work needs to be carefully catalogued and version controlled.

Microsoft Teams – and to a lesser extent Skype – have emerged as transformative platforms for this modern way of working. Their benefits lie not just in the ability to communicate seamlessly, but in the portfolio of productivity and communication tools they offer – providing a myriad of benefits for small and large organisations within a single software suite.


What are Microsoft Teams and Skype?

Microsoft Teams is a communication platform that forms part of the Microsoft 365 suite of applications. Its primary function is internal messaging, but it also includes functionality for file sharing, voice calls, video conferencing, and integration with the rest of the Microsoft 365 suite. It was formally released in 2017 as a competitor to Slack, which had been around since 2013.

Skype is considerably older, but retains a large user base. An early market leader in voice calls, Skype provides similar features to Teams, including video conferencing and calls, messaging, and file sharing. While the cloud-based Skype for Business Online service has now been retired, Microsoft continues to offer Skype for Business Server, providing a locally deployed and configured alternative to the cloud-based Teams.


How to unlock the benefits of Teams and Skype

Given how fundamental the Microsoft 365 suite is to most businesses, the use case for Teams is obvious. The integrations it offers with apps such as Word, Excel and OneDrive make it an invaluable tool for employees in both entirely on-site businesses and organisations with multiple disparate teams. When it comes to unlocking the full potential of Teams, however, many organisations stumble – only using individual features that provide immediate and obvious functionalities.

When you partner with the right IT service provider, one of the key advantages is the ability to utilise Teams and Skype in a way that fully exploits their value. These platforms are more than just communication tools: they’re robust ecosystems designed to enhance collaboration and productivity. By having a team of professionals on hand to set up systems and software and provide advice and support, businesses can unlock a wealth of features that will streamline communication, and facilitate more seamless online collaboration.


Using Teams to drive digital transformation

With the digital landscape constantly changing, the integration and addition of functionalities to Teams makes it a stabilising force, and a simple route to tangible digital transformation. Between Teams and Slack – one cloud-based and one server-based – the software provides businesses with a unified space for chat, video conferencing, file sharing, and collaborative document editing, fostering an environment that supports idea generation and interoperability. By embracing these tools, organisations can quickly and seamlessly position themselves at the forefront of a digital revolution.

Implement new working practices

The traditional workplace is evolving, and so are the ways teams talk and collaborate. Teams and Skype facilitate the implementation of new working practices, including remote and hybrid models of working. Whether your team is in the same office or spread across the globe, these platforms empower seamless collaboration across time zones, ensuring that distance isn’t a barrier to productivity.

Integrate SIP telephony

Communication is the backbone of any successful business. Teams and Skype, with their SIP telephony integration capabilities, provide a comprehensive solution for modern communication needs. Whether it’s voice calls, video conferences, or instant messaging, these platforms offer a unified communication experience, simplifying connectivity and ensuring that your team stays connected at all times.

Benefit from a 24/7 Global Service Desk

Businesses operate on a global scale, and so should their support systems. Teams and Skype, as part of their commitment to excellence, offer a global service desk available 24/7. Combined with the support of an IT service provider, any issues or concerns with your software or supporting hardware can be addressed promptly, regardless of time zones. This reliability of constant support adds an invaluable layer of assurance for businesses with diverse and distributed teams.

Harness a Microsoft Gold partnership

Choosing the right IT service partner is crucial for maximising the benefits of Teams and Skype. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, working with Sota provides your organisation with access to a level of expertise and support that goes beyond the usual standard. This partnership signifies a commitment to excellence, ensuring that your business is in the hands of professionals dedicated to delivering the highest quality service and support for Teams, Skype, and the entire Microsoft 365 suite.

Whether you opt for Teams, Skype or both, your organisation can benefit from both a technological upgrade and a strategic one, insulating you against further changes to working models and practices. With specialist expertise, 24/7 support and seamless integration, Sota’s expert team can guide you to success with Teams and Skype. Visit our Teams and Skype page to learn more, and don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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