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The world around us has been revolutionised by cloud technology, driving digital transformation and enabling the modern workplace. We all know this – but what is the cloud?

The answer may be ‘there is no cloud, only somebody else’s computer’. This helps us to make sense of the epic explosion of public cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. They have created colossal compute and storage capacity around the world, and anybody can use it. 

The problem with this is relative scale. These companies are so much bigger than the rest of us. They completely out-scale us. They are so big, that they cannot easily build real relationships with their customers. If you want the benefits of the cloud, but you value business transactions which are personalised and relationship-based, you have to look elsewhere for answers.

SotaCloud is the answer. We have created a cutting edge, independent cloud platform, which is in-scale with your business. It’s our computer that you can use, but you know exactly where it is, and you can meet and talk to the people who make it work.

Compared to the global players, SotaCloud is not hyper-scale. But it is in-scale, and in-scale is better. Our cloud is uniquely more personal, and this means that our business relationship will be a success, and you will be more empowered to transform your business.

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Success story

Client: Olympic Glass

Olympic Glass was looking for an IT partner that had the ability to migrate its current on-premise server environment to a resilient, high availability cloud solution. Read how Sota’s well-qualified and experienced full time team of IT professionals has resulted in a seamless migration to SotaCloud.

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