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You know that connectivity is the key to unlocking the benefits of digital transformation and the modern workplace. You strive to provide the ultimate end-user experience by implementing the best connectivity infrastructure. But your dependence on connectivity means that the stakes are higher than ever. If a connection is disrupted, and your people cannot work, what is your lifeline, and what is the true cost of downtime?

Maximise your network uptime with our managed high availability services. Keep your users connected, even if a connection becomes unavailable, with a SotaConnect resilience option which provides an additional secondary connection, installed along side a critical primary Internet, or Ethernet, service. We make sure that the resilient option connection is physically diverse, even at the point of entry to your premises, and we always explore carrier independent options for the ultimate high availability solution.

Achieve the highest levels of uptime with our managed network equipment, optimised for high availability. Experience zero downtime from switch, router, or firewall outages, with our automatic failover configurations, which pair critical primary network hardware with redundant secondary equipment. Take high availability to the next level. Our high availability managed services are your lifeline for maximum network uptime.

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