Private Ethernet

Reliable dedicated connections which scale on demand

Connect your offices and locations together, or directly access your IT resources in the cloud or datacentre, with a dedicated private circuit which is not dependent on the public Internet. With a SotaConnect Ethernet service, performance, reliability, and high availability is guaranteed. We assess each private circuit requirement, and implement the optimal connection type and bandwidth, together with performance-optimised network equipment.

Our experienced connectivity procurement team releases your time for more important tasks, by navigating efficiently through the complex and time-consuming process of commissioning fibre optic circuits. Our engineers customise and manage the network equipment, ensuring it is optimised to provide the best experience for your network users.

SotaConnect managed Ethernet connections provide a solution to every type of private connectivity requirement, from simple point-to-point links, to complex, wide area infrastructures. Never run out of bandwidth, with our flexible, private Ethernet services which scale on demand to meet your business needs. With service level agreements, and 24/7 management and support, SotaConnect Ethernet is the complete private network solution for your business.

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