Building IT platforms to support construction

Our cloud-based solutions combined with experience of the construction sector provide a reliable platform for IT solutions which drive greater efficiency and productivity.

Our 24/7 service desk provides frontline support to construction professionals who depend on the unhindered flow of complex data for projects and procurement.

Our high-quality IT services are cost-effective and flexible, minimising disruption and downtime and increasing productivity with minimal risk.

Success story

Client: Abbott Construction

Abbott Construction has been working with Sota successfully for more than 15 years. The partnership has developed from an IT infrastructure upgrade to total transformation of their data security environment. Read why Sota was chosen to be Abbott Construction’s solution provider and how their journey with Sota has led to Cyber Essential certification.

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How do you gain the edge?

How do you gain the edge?

Make us your IT partner

Choose Sota for IT managed services, and dynamic, cyber-resilient, cloud solutions

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Reach your goals and exceed expectations with our professional services

Transform your business

Transition to the modern workplace and gain the edge with digital transformation

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