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The cloud, digital transformation, the modern workplace, and artificial intelligence, all represent the new age of information technology. We all embrace it, and we surge into the future with it. But one concept of computing that will never change is data backup. The faster we produce data, the faster it can be lost, in an instant. The more data we produce, the greater the need to safeguard it. Wherever digital technology is taking us, one principle will never change – if you can’t afford to lose your data, be sure to back it up.

A data issue, or a problem which affects your data, can cause you to lose access to a file, an application, a device, or even a complete system. The impact can range from mildly inconvenient, to totally catastrophic. With our managed back-up services, you can always recover, whatever the scenario. SotaProtect managed backup services protect your data in any environment, whether physical or virtual, or on private infrastructure or in the cloud. Recover to multiple points in time to minimise the risk of data loss from corruption events, and rely on our engineers to manage the recovery process whether it is a single file, a Microsoft 365 folder, or an entire cluster of servers.

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Success story

Client: Waterco Europe

Sota met with Waterco Europe to discuss the IT setup, security, and backup practices currently in place, with a view to offer a greatly improved infrastructure and offsite data protection. Read why Sota was chosen to implement a replacement firewall, as well as automating both local and offsite backups of all company data.

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