Managed Cyber Security

Reduce cyber risk and protect your business

If your devices, workplaces and IT environments connect to the Internet they are vulnerable to cyber threats. Every connection is an entry point which has the potential to be breached, but even when these gateways are hardened and secured, your people can still fall victim to sophisticated cyber crime when they are online. This can translate into financial loss. Sometimes this loss is insignificant. Occasionally it is devastating.

SotaProtect managed cyber security reduces risk, defeats cyber threats and protects your business, providing you with a total solution for cyber resilience. We manage, maintain, monitor and test all of the critical security measures required to protect your business on a continuous basis, and we provide you with a comprehensive cyber security framework, based on best practice.

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Multi factor




Security patch


Cyber Essentials


Types of common cyber attacks/threats

Denial of Service Attack (DoS)

Makes a website or system inaccessible to its intended users


Gaining unauthorised access to data in a system or computer


Malicious software designed to infiltrate and damage


Deceitful techniques to gain access to accounts


Software designed to block access until a sum of money is paid


Deceiving users or systems by pretending to be someone familiar


The sending of unsolicited messages to a large audience

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