How to: safeguard your data

Hacking, natural disaster, hardware failure, and malware attacks – these are just some of the events that can place precious business data in jeopardy. Any issue or problem that affects the security, availability or integrity of your data has the potential for devastating financial and reputational consequences.

Maintaining best-practice data backups is the most essential critical prerequisite of any data environment. Data safeguarded with a multiple point in time backup methodology can be restored in part, or in full, to any point in time during the backup retention period – typically 90 days. This means that even if there is a delay identifying a data loss or corruption, it is possible to recover to a point in time before the damage occurred. For victims of the increasing common ransomware attack, this is a business life-saver.

The faster data can be restored, the more likely you are to avoid financial or reputational loss. Critically, however, you must always be confident that your data will be fully restorable should disaster strike. The most effective method for safeguarding your data is offsite backup.

Offsite Backup

Implementing a managed backup solution which ships backup data to offsite storage, which is physically and logically separated from your own network, is critical to safeguarding both your source data and your backup data. Backing up to storage targets which are within your network domain – such as local NAS – is not safe, and is not recommended.

Encryption attacks which compromise the network mean that all servers and all storage in that domain are potentially in jeopardy – including the backup data. For this reason, best practice dictates that backup data should always be shipped securely offsite and outside of the organisations network. A managed backup service means that backup is outsourced to specialists who continuously monitor and manage the process and are available to respond to data incidents 24/7.

Your business data – and your business – is simply too important to put at risk. SotaProtect Backup is a fully managed offsite backup solution designed to safeguard business data. For peace of mind, contact Sota today.


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