Cyber security breakfast

An effective and thought-provoking message

We were delighted to present alongside Aimee Payne, from Kent Police, and IT security specialist, David Cross, on Thursday (5th December 2019) at the Kent Science Park cyber security breakfast event.

Roma Quinn, Financial Director of Martin Environmental Services said:

“I was delighted to attend the Cyber Security event at Kent Science Park today. The setting was lovely, and the hospitality extended by KSP and Sota was most welcome on what was an arctic-feeling day!”

“As a business we are continually striving to protect ourselves from online fraud, and this seminar proved invaluable in highlighting the issues that the business should focus on.”

“Aimee and David were very informative, and their simple but effective way of delivering the message was very thought-provoking as to what can happen to a business if it doesn’t protect itself adequately. I will be taking the information away that was presented to me, and delivering it to our team so everyone is better informed.”


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