MVV Environment Ltd is a sustainable energy company renowned for its commitment to delivering dependable and efficient energy solutions, were having issues with their existing outsourced IT operations. These challenges included slow response times, breached SLAs, and outdated IT infrastructure. Upon enlisting the expertise of Sota, an IT service provider, to revamp its IT support and infrastructure, MVV embarked on a transformative journey. Over the course of two years, Sota successfully executed a comprehensive overhaul of MVV’s IT infrastructure, resulting in enhanced service delivery and issues are dealt with promptly.


MVV Environment, UK branch of German energy company MVV, provides sustainable and efficient solutions for waste-fired energy generation to publicly and privately owned waste disposal companies, and to local authorities.

MVV has always been forward-thinking in its approach to information technology.  The partnership they were looking for meant they needed a third party to enhance and compliment the team’s existing knowledge.


MVV was dealing with inadequate IT support from its previous provider, marked by missed SLAs and poor response times. Sota, with its proactive approach, stepped in to address MVV’s IT support needs, ultimately securing the contract to improve MVV’s IT infrastructure.

MVV’s IT infrastructure needed a complete overhaul, the organisation looked for a partner capable of proactively managing its network infrastructure, monitoring performance, delivering hardware and software solutions, and handling patching and updates. The primary challenge for MVV now was to find a reliable IT partner who have will have a deep understanding of MVV’s IT landscape, tailor solutions to its unique requirements, and improve support response times.


Sota embarked on a phased approach to assist MVV, commencing with a comprehensive refresh of its IT estate. This encompassed upgrading hardware, software, and virtual infrastructure. Additionally, Sota furnished SotaSupport, patching, and consultancy services, alongside hardware and VM ware licensing. While Sota serves as MVV’s third-line support, helping in matters beyond the scope of the organisation, such as complex routing and network outages.

The initiative also entailed 24/7/365 UK-based support and monitoring of network infrastructure, enabling Sota to pre-empt IT issues, mitigate downtime, and minimise the impact of network disruptions. Sota implemented resilient and redundant solutions, including firewalls and ransomware protections, fortifying MVV’s data security. Furthermore, Sota introduced state-of-the-art Dell hardware, configured networking solutions, and managed complex routing and network outages.


The integration of Sota’s proactive IT support and revamped hardware infrastructure yielded immediate and substantial improvements to MVV’s operations. The organisation now boasts a highly available, fault-tolerant IT system that is both resilient and secure. With round-the-clock monitoring and support from Sota, MVV can confidently entrust its IT infrastructure to capable hands.

MVV has found in Sota a trusted partner, resulting in improved response times and a deeper understanding of IT infrastructure management. A team of highly skilled IT professionals from Sota tirelessly works to deliver exceptional service. Moreover, the partnership with Sota has significantly reduced MVV’s IT support costs, underscoring its affordability and value proposition.