When the time came to choose an IT managed service provider with established technical excellence, Waterco Europe partnered with Sota. To meet their IT needs, Sota implemented a new server and firewall replacement, while simultaneously backing up all of the company’s data.

The business now benefits from modern, elegant and resilient servers, supporting business growth through seamless operation. The implementation of a regular system of backups, a powerful firewall, and malware scanning mean the servers are also protected from both internal and external threats.


Formed in 1981, Waterco Europe is a global manufacturer of filtration and sanitisation innovations for swimming pools, spas, aquaculture, and the water treatment industry. The company prides itself on its dedication to the manufacturing of energy efficient and environmentally friendly products.

Waterco has grown from a family-owned Australian business to a global industry leader. Its Micron fibreglass filters are the largest available on the market, while its Climate Care Certified pool equipment provides pool owners with the gold standard for environmental sustainability.


Waterco Europe Ltd was looking for an IT partner that had the experience, and expertise, to migrate its current on-premise server environment to a resilient, high availability cloud solution. At the same time, this new solution would have to reduce future utility and upgrade costs, increase the service level, and provide a robust, flexible, reliable and secure infrastructure for the years ahead.

Sota met with Waterco Europe to discuss the IT setup, security, and backup practices currently in place, with a view to offer a greatly improved infrastructure and offsite data protection. This meeting highlighted that they would also need to replace their existing firewall, and backup all company data.


After the initial meeting took place, Sota recommended that Waterco Europe replace and improve their outdated hardware and software. They adopted a higher level of data backup, with the implementation of business continuity planning for disaster recovery.

Sota replaced the current SBS 2011 server with a new server, which hosts multiple virtual server installations. This is accompanied by offsite cloud backup to Sota’s local data centre facilities. These facilities are securely located within the perimeter of the Kent Science Park in Sittingbourne, less than 45 miles from the city of London.

SotaProtect was also introduced to Waterco Europe. This cost-effective managed service provides peace of mind that all data was being secured, backed up and managed on a 24/7 basis by Sota’s experienced Service Desk team. Sota continues to deliver solutions for Waterco Europe Ltd which ensure an uninterrupted flow of data and communications throughout the business.

To replace the current end-of-life WatchGuard hardware firewall, Sota implemented a new WatchGuard T40 firewall into the network, providing a higher level of protection and threat detection. This single WatchGuard firewall is situated at Waterco Europe’s office, allowing for easy configuration and management of its various features, including VPNs and traffic analytics tools.

Services provided by Sota include:

  • Cloud based cyber resilience and data protection – SotaProtect
  • Scalable internet connectivity and Ethernet services – SotaConnect
  • 24/7 service desk, technical support and maintenance – SotaSupport
  • IT consultancy and projects – Professional Services


Sota’s experience allowed them to deliver a modern hardware and software refresh, with a range of benefits for Waterco Europe. This included the implementation of a replacement firewall, as well as automating both local and offsite backups of all company data.