Client: Grovewell Garden Centres Group


The Grovewell Garden Centres Group made Sota its preferred IT partner to meet the ever growing demands of its successful retail businesses. They had a specific requirement to improve connectivity across the Group, as existing services were providing insufficient performance to support their IT operations. Sota was identified as the best qualified provider to implement a new, improved connectivity platform, and high bandwidth SotaConnect Internet access was first installed in the Tenterden garden centre, followed by further installation of fibre Internet access in the rest of their retail outlets in Kent.


Founded in 1999, Grovewell Garden Centres Group is a family owned and operated group of garden centres in Kent which attracts over 100,000 visitors to each of its centres, every year. They focus on providing excellent customer service, quality plants, and value for money. A passionate approach to horticulture, and pride in supporting their local communities, means that local wildlife charities and school groups are often onsite. Mindful of their environmental impact, the Group supports local suppliers, nurseries and growers wherever possible, as well as evaluating their own processes to continually improve.


In 2016, the Tenterden branch faced a challenge with their existing Internet connectivity. The rural location meant they suffered from slow speeds and persistent connection outages. With an increase in growth, and other operational demands, they required a dramatic improvement to ensure business operations were no longer being compromised.


Following initial discussions with Sota, Grovewell were confident that a SotaConnect managed Internet service was the solution to their connectivity problems. Sota had the expertise to specify the right type of connection, and to manage the complexities of fibre provisioning. Sota sourced the most cost-effective option, and worked closely with the carrier to ensure a smooth installation within a minimal timeframe. Since this first successful installation, the business relationship has gone from strength to strength, with fibre connectivity now installed in every garden centre location.  Grovewell’s users also benefit from Sota’s managed IT support service with direct access to a team of high quality engineers for resolution of unscheduled IT problems and incidents.


Today, Grovewell benefits from ultra-reliable, high-speed connectivity, and 24/7 support, leading to improved staff productivity, and providing a scalable platform to support continued business growth. The result is a transformed business which can focus on the business of delivering inspirational ideas and solutions for the home and garden.