Client: Abbott Construction


For over 15 years, Abbott Construction has been working successfully with Sota. The partnership has evolved from upgrading their IT infrastructure to transforming the entire cyber security profile of the business. Read how they benefited from Sota’s professional IT managed services, and how they became Cyber Essentials accredited.


Founded in 1947, Abbott Construction has been successfully completing quality construction projects for over 70 years. They have a teamwork approach to establishing, and building, business relationships with clients and subcontractors, and all parties involved in the complex, construction industry supply chain. Their highest priority is health and safety excellence, and they are committed to continuous training and development of their workforce.


Abbott Construction needed an IT partner with the experience, and expertise, to upgrade, and transform, their existing IT infrastructure. As their business operations evolved, they required a solution to perfectly fit their needs, but with an emphasis on protection from ever increasing cyber threats.


Sota’s credentials in delivering professional IT managed services, and managing complex projects, led to a long-term, trustworthy partnership. Experience in the construction sector, combined with Sota’s depth of capability covering support, cyber security, connectivity, and unified communications, has meant that Abbott Construction’s IT needs have been professionally catered for over a sustained period of time. Services provided include high bandwidth, fibre Internet access, Wi-Fi infrastructure, web hosting, managed IT support, and a complete program of cyber security measures, leading to Cyber Essentials accreditation.


Abbott Construction can now respond even more quickly to the ever changing needs of the construction industry. They have benefited from the construction of a new, secure, IT platform, based on a recognised, best-practice framework, in full partnership with Sota – their first choice IT partner.