Client: LambornHill


When the time came to choose an IT managed service provider with genuine expertise and experience in telephony and communications, LambornHill Estate Agents partnered with Sota. To meet the demanding needs of a busy estate agency, a cloud-hosted telephone system was implemented across the organisation. The business is now benefiting from a flexible and reliable voice communications platform, which operates seamlessly across multiple locations.


LambornHill Estate Agents opened its first office in Sittingbourne in 2009. The business quickly established itself as one of the leading estate agents for sales and lettings in the region

The team provides outstanding levels of customer service, which has established LambornHill as one of the first choice agencies in the local area. LambornHill people take pride in being part of a professional and dynamic organisation, always striving to provide customers with the most innovative solutions for marketing and selling properties.


A reliable, cost-effective telephone system is at the backbone of any business providing services to the general public, and estate agents are no exception. Communicating quickly and efficiently with customers and potential prospects is at the heart of building professional confidence and trust.

As the incumbent supplier was unable to provide the cost efficiencies and flexibility to meet the needs of LambornHill, the business set itself the challenge of identifying a new managed service provider who could provide a voice platform based on the latest technology.


After completing the discovery and scoping process with a Sota voice communications specialist, and impressed with the professionalism and technical competence on offer, LambornHill were confident that a SotaVoice cloud-hosted telephony solution was the best option to meet their needs.

The SotaVoice hosted VoIP solution, combined with managed SIP handsets, proved to be more feature-rich and cost effective than other systems, and provided seamless ‘work from anywhere’ functionality from day one.


The innovative cloud-based technology of the SotaVoice platform instantly enabled LambornHill to benefit from an integrated telephone system operating seamlessly across multiple locations and multiple devices, including mobile phones. Response to customer demands is now faster and more efficient, which means that LambornHill is achieving even higher levels of customer satisfaction.