Bearsted Athletic U11 – Match Report 8

Bearsted Athletic U11 – Match Report 8

Sunday 5th November 2023

Bearsted Athletic U11 V Yalding & Laddingford Hawks (home)

WON 9-1

Goal scorers: Oscar x1, Harry x3, Kyle x3 and Jack x1

After a two week break the boys are back and what a lovely sunny day it is here at Honey Lane!

Seth is back after his injury (broken finger) and shares the goalkeeping duties with emergency goalkeeper Casper until the end of the league games. Welcome back Seth!

The game starts strong with a cross from Harry to Charlie who shoots. The ball is blocked and cleared by Yalding & Laddingford.

Timurs make a clearance from the danger zone stopping Yalding & Laddingford in their tracks.

A run from Charlie sees a pass to Harry who passes to Kyle, he shoots but the keeper saves. Great football from the boys!

A Yalding & Laddingford throw in sees another chance for Bearsted as a pass from Harry to Lewis see Kyle have a shot that unfortunately goes wide.

Yalding & Laddingford manage to make a run past James P but Timurs is there to clear the ball from danger.

Free kick for Yalding & Laddingford is cleared by Oscar.

Back towards the box and Oscar passes to Lewis who has a shot but it goes straight into the keepers hands, Kyle is there for a follow up but the keeper saves again.

Harry crosses the ball to Charlie who runs and passes to Oscar who is in the box GOAL! 1-0 to Bearsted.

A run from James P sees him take a shot at the goal but it hits the side of the net.

Kyle to Harry, keeper saves.

Throw in by Charlie, kicked out by Yalding & Laddingford, thrown in by Harry again kicked out by Yalding & Laddingford, third thrown in by Charlie and a corner is awarded. Kyle steps up to take the corner, Harry bicycle kicks the ball towards the net but its blocked by Yalding and Laddingford.

Danger as Yalding & Laddingford run towards the goal but Nathan is there to clear the ball from danger.

Corner by Kyle sees Charlie shoot but it goes over the goal.

James P to Harry but the goalkeeper saves.

Shot from Harry bounces off the keeper, Kyles there and follows the ball up GOAL! 2-0 to Bearsted.

A tackle from James P sees a free kick awarded to Yalding & Laddingford just outside the box. Saved! Casper catches the ball.

Timurs makes a sliding clearance, stopping Yalding & Laddingford in their tracks.

At the end of the first half its 2-0 to Bearsted!

Second half kicks off and a throw in near the box sees some scrambling around GOAL! Harry makes the score 3-0 within minutes.

A cross from Harry to Kyle to Oscar sees a shot on target but the keeper saves.

Yalding & Laddingford make a run for it, Timurs blocks the cross and James P clears the ball.

Yalding & Laddingford take a throw in, its kicked towards the goal, the ball hits the post and goes in! Score is now 3-1.

Jack passes to Harry who shoots but its saved.

Some fantastic defending from James O who isn’t letting Yalding & Laddingford through!

A push from a Yalding & Laddingford player on Harry sees a penalty awarded. Harry steps up to take the penalty and scores bottom corner, GOAL! Making the score 4-1 to Bearsted.

Seth makes his first touch of the ball as he makes a great goal kick.

An incredible run by Kyle sees him score from 28 yards away. GOAL! 5-1 to Bearsted.

A cross from Oscar to Kyle is blocked  near the keeper, GOAL! An own goal sees the score change to 6-1.

Yalding & Laddingford make a run towards the goal but Seth’s ready and waiting, he grabs the ball and makes a goal kick to Jack.

Some great tackling from Timurs keeps the score 6-1.

Kyle has shot but the keeper saves.

Another shot from Kyle GOAL! Score now 7-1 to Bearsted.

Yalding & Laddingford are trying really hard to make a come back but a run from goalkeeper Seth sees him jump and land on the ball.

A free kick from Nathan to James O sees a pass to Harry, he falls over, the keeper comes out, Harry is back up GOAL! 8-1!

A long shot at goal from Yalding & Laddingford but Seth saves.

A shot from Jack just goes wide.

Kyle makes a pass to Harry, its blocked by Yalding & Laddingfords player but Jacks there and he crosses the ball into the back of the net! GOAL!

Final score 9-1 to Bearsted!

Supporters Player: Harry
Coaches Player: Kyle


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