Bearsted Athletic U11 – Match Report 4

Bearsted Athletic U11 – Match Report 4

Sunday 24th September 2023

Bearsted Athletic U11 V Marden Minors U11 (home)

WON 4-1

Goal scorers: Jack x1 and Kyle x3

Unfortunately no Timurs today therefore some last minute formation changes.

Bearsted start well with two shots at goal for Lewis, unfortunately both unsuccessful.

Marden make a run towards the goal however it is cleared by Harry.

GOAL! Bearsted have their first goal of the game from Jack whose long shot flew straight past the goalkeeper.

Marden make another run towards the goal but a tackle of Harry near the box puts a stop to any danger.

Charlie has shot, saved by the Marden goalie.

A clearance from James P sees a corner awarded to Marden however James O heads the ball away.

Free kick for Jack but Marden clear it from the box.

A corner for Jack but Harry hits the crossbar.

GOAL! Kyle smashes the ball at the goal and the score is now 2-0 to Bearsted.

A free kick by Nathan just by the halfway line is cleared by Marden.

James P and Nathan remaining strong and stopping any Marden players getting through.

Harry makes a run down the line, he shoots but Marden clear it from the box.

Marden awarded a free kick due a hand ball.

First half ends 2-0 to Bearsted.

The game kicks off but is soon stopped due to Marden having an extra player on the pitch! Second half gets back underway with a corner from Marden.

Bearsted corner, clearer by Marden and another corner awarded, again cleared making it a third corner in a row taken by Kyle.

Kyle has a shot but it goes wide.

Another corner for Bearsted taken by Charlie, Harry has a shot but it goes wide.

Corner by Jack but it goes straight into the goalkeepers hands.

James P has a shot but it goes high and goes straight over the top of the goal.

Substitution and Oscar comes on for Jack.

Penalty awarded to Bearsted, Kyle takes and he scores! 3-0 to Bearsted.

Danger as Marden make a run for the goal but James O is there to clear it. Corner awarded to Marden, blocked by Oscar and second corner given, this time kicked out by Nathan and a third corner is taken by Marden which is then cleared to safety by James O.

Bearsted take a corner but a handball from Marden awards Bearsted another penalty. GOAL, Kyle scores making it 4-0.

Marden throw in sees a save by Casper. A foul leads to a kick back to Casper from Marden however it flies over the goal.

Free kick awarded to Marden just outside the box for a Bearsted handball but Casper saves it.

Lewis off and Jack on. Within minutes Jack has had a shot which is saved by the Marden keeper.

Nathan has a shot at goal but it goes wide.

Jack makes a cross to Oscar who has a shot but the keeper saves.

Handball from Bearsted means Marden have a free kick but it is cleared by James P.

Jack has another shot but again it is saved by the Marden keeper.

Marden awarded a free kick near the halfway line due to a foul from Bearsted. GOAL, Marden make the final score 4-1 just before the whistle goes!

Supporters Player: Jack
Coaches Player: Nathan


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