Reliable and scalable datacentre services

As a leading specialist in the market we are set apart from standard managed service providers. We have invested in our own cloud infrastructure rather than relying on third party providers. Multiple privately owned data centres provide our customers with readily available, secure, flexible and cost-effective cloud services.   

We have enterprise class technology built to advanced specifications. Standard features include redundant dual path power distribution and switching; resilient uninterruptable power supplies; dual auxiliary power generators; redundant air handling and conditioning systems; high-efficiency hot aisle containment; very early smoke detection apparatus; and automatic gas fire suppression.  

Your IT performance is protected at the highest level. We have an external plant area to accommodate energy-efficient dry-air coolers and two auxiliary diesel generators. Physical security is provided by razor-wire perimeter fencing, 24/7 security patrols, and extensive digital video surveillance. 


Privately owned

facilities & services


proactive monitoring


& scalable


up time & resilience

Multi layered

security embedded


& replication services

What is the Cloud?

Cloud computing is the delivery of online services hosted in datacentres, providing global access to data, services, applications and more over the internet.

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Cloud Computing

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